About us

PaparazziFashion.pl was established in late 2015. We have gained popularity thanks to wide range of assortment. To satisfied our customers we decided to make changes. In result from 1st June 2017 our on-line store has new release. We would like to create store friendly for clients, with best offer of Polish and international brands, unique style, colours and fashion in which every woman will be able to feel elegant, sensual and confident.
PaparazziFashion.pl is created by woman to appreciate beauty and to meet needs of modern and confident women. Every femininity is one and unique. 
With wide assortment of clothing in our shop we would like to emphasize and highlight the beauty of every one of us.
We invite all, especially gentlemen, to pamper your princesses through the assortment of our shop.
We believe that shopping in our store will be a pure pleasure.
Satisfaction of our Clients is most importance to us, therefore we make every effort to ensure that orders are delivered immediately and the offered goods are of the highest quality. Thanks to our commitment and passion, shopping at our online store becomes a pure pleasure.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at office@paparazzifashion.pl or call us at +48 780 186 214.
Always welcome.